Carina Coulacoglou, Ph.D

Carina Coulacoglou was born in Athens, Greece in 1956. In the late 70s she decided to study abroad, as Psychology was still in its infancy in Greece. In 1979 she received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Education and subsequently her MSc in Child Development, from the London Institute of Education.

On her return to Athens she worked at the Mitera the largest Infant Center in Greece, in the research department, where she had the opportunity to conduct research concerning issues of Infant Development.

Her interests gradually shifted towards the psychology of fairy tales and in 1985 she received her MPhil. Degree at the University of Sussex. Her thesis was entitled: “Fairy tales as a means of investigating developmental issues revealed in children’s verbal responses”. Her verification that fairy tales can facilitate the possibility of assessment of personality traits and not only social and moral issues, awarded her PhD, on the creation and development of a projective instrument the Fairy Tale Test.

Her doctorate was awarded by the University of Exeter under the supervision of Professor Paul Kline, an expert in the field of psychometrics. Since 1993, Dr. Coulacoglou has dedicated her time to furthering the development and promotion of the FTT around the world.

She has published several articles on the FTT as well as two text books on psychometrics and personality assessment.

Her recent two books are entitled:

  • Exploring the child’s personality: Developmental, Clinical and Cross-cultural Applications of the Fairy Tale Test (2008)
  • Psychometrics and Psychological Assessment (2017)

Dr. Coulacoglou has taught courses in Psychometrics and Psychological Assessment at the Pantion University of Athens, and courses in Psychology at the American College of Greece and the University of La Verne (Athens campus).

The Projective Fairy Tale Test Society was founded by Dr. Coulacoglou in Athens in 2006.

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