The Fairy Tale Test is a projective test for children aged 6-12 yrs and was developed as part of a doctoral thesis by Carina Coulacoglou, at the University of Exeter in Great Britain (1989-1993).

Since then it has been standardized all over the world and has already been published in French, Italian, Spanish, German, Hungarian, Slovenian, Polish, Russian and Greek.

Bettelheim’s book “The Uses of Enchantment” (1976) has become a landmark in the psychoanalytic theory of fairy tales. The author presents extensive analyses of popular fairy tales and tries to demonstrate how each fairy tale reflects conflicts or anxieties in different stages of development. As the projective and therapeutic value of fairy tales is now widely accepted after years of research, the FTT is the only standardized psychometric tool which accentuates the value of fairy tales on a diagnostic level.


The Projective Fairy Tale Test Society was founded in June 2006. Our aim is to bring together practitioners who use fairy tales in their clinical practice or for research purposes, in order to exchange experiences and enrich our knowledge.

Aims and Activities of the Society:

  • to promote teaching, research and the various uses of the FTT.
  • to extend the use of the FTT in the field of mental health, personality assessment and related areas.
  • to organize seminars and workshops in order to train professionals in the administration and interpretation of the FTT.
  • to provide FTT related articles and suggested bibliography, as well as provide access to information on projective methods and the application of fairy tales in clinical practice.
  • to offer supervision to practitioners regarding the interpretation of the results
  • to assist students using the FTT for research purposes financially and offer professional guidance.


We invite you to join the Projective Fairy Tale Test Society in order to share our knowledge and experience on projective testing psychometrics, and applications of fairy tales in therapeutic settings. Members of the FTT Society benefit from:

  • 10% discount on seminar participation
  • 50% discount on protocol supervision
  • Full access on articles

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